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  • Diamond Grading

    Diamond Buying Guide

    A purchase of a diamond engagement ring is one of the most significant events in every couple’s life, it’s the traditional symbol of love and future commitment. Most couples seek to find the right diamond and find a design that will express in a creative and individual way their commitment to each other. It is important to have a bright, quality diamond without getting too caught up in the details. Although it is wise to research what it is you are looking for, remember that it is impossible to become an expert after one afternoon of research on the internet. It is a journey worth taking with a passionate diamond expert and jeweller. Aaron Wilson specialises in choosing diamonds that not only look good on paper but more importantly look bright to the eye. Read our Diamond Grading Guide for a brief outline, otherwise please contact us if you have any questions regarding diamond grading and what to look for.

  • Australian Gumleaf Jewellery

    Australian Themed Jewellery

    At Michael Wilson Diamond Jewellers we are well known for our large range of quality Australian themed jewellery. Michael’s work is always reflective of his personal interests as well as the country and environment in which he lives. Over the years he has developed several designs incorporating native animals, plants and icons. These pieces make fantastic gifts for those with affection towards our Australia and for friends and family overseas. View our jewellery available for purchase online.

  • Q Report Insurance

    Unique Diamond Jewellery Deserves To Be Looked After

    Jewellery is an investment to be cherished and looked after, but accidents do happen. In an effort to provide peace of mind, we recommend customers consider insuring their jewellery with Q Report. With worldwide coverage and free revaluation of your jewellery, you can be confident wearing your jewellery no matter where you are. With this service you are guaranteed that we will be comissioned to replace any of your Michael Wilson pieces in case of an unfortunate event. 

    Jewellery Insurance