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  • Christmas Newsletter 2014

    Christmas Newsletter 2014

    Well it's that time of year again and the Christmas Newsletter is out! This years newsletter features a 40 year retrospective, following just some of the highlights during the 40 years Michael Wilson Diamond Jewellers has been in business. There are some unique one off pieces, including a breathtaking collectable Argyle Pink Diamond Necklace. Great gift ideas and your opportunity to help us save the endangered native Leadbeater's Possum. The orders are coming in quick, so get in fast!

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  • 40 Years in Retrospect

    40 Years in Retrospect

    This year marks 40 years since Michael Wilson first established himself as a fulltime jeweller. The company has grown and adapted a lot over the years, all as a result of both Michael and Wendy’s hard work, dedication and passion for the craft. Many of our clients have followed Michael’s work since the beginning. Yet several have only got to know us in recent years since Aaron Wilson has taken the reins. It is quite amazing looking back at how much, yet how little has changed. Reminisce with us in our Facebook Album as we look at just a few of the many highlights over the past 40 years.

  • Leadbeater's Possum

    Help us save the Leadbeater's Possum!

    The Leadbeater’s Possum is a critically endangered possum that inhabits Mountain Ash
    forests in the Central Highlands of Victoria. Once thought to be extinct, the Leadbeater’s
    Possum was rediscovered in 1961 and became Victoria’s faunal emblem ten years later.
    The tiny possum is the only mammal that is native to Victoria and not found anywhere
    else in the world. With almost half its best habitat destroyed in the bushfires of 2009,
    its population has dramatically diminished. However the main threat to the possum is
    clearfell logging. To help play our part, Michael Wilson Diamond Jewellers are friends and
    supporters of the Leadbeater’s Possum. For all of this December we have committed to
    donate 10% of all profits sold from the Leadbeater’s Possum Collection to the cause.

    The Leadbeater's Possum Collection is available from our online store.

  • New Monica Szwaja Jewellery

    New Jewellery Designs by Monica Szwaja

    We have been affiliated with Monica for a number of years now. She has been creating beautiful jewellery that both we and our clients have appreciated for some time. We were so excited when Monica contacted us in the lead up to Christmas with a number of new creative pieces. It seems that Monica has had a surge of inspiration and productivity that has yielded some magnificent new jewellery that we can share with you. With unique decorative forms and the beautiful combination of precious metals and surfaces, these pieces are destined for some happy homes this Christmas. More of Monica’s individual works are on display in the gallery.